Barn owl nesting box

Helping out the owl population

In ref­er­ence to my post in Feb­ru­ary, I decid­ed that to keep the rodent pop­u­la­tion under con­trol, it would be nice to have a barn owl nest­ing box on the prop­er­ty. Luck­i­ly, ‘I know a guy’ who was will­ing and able to build it. We hope to have many owlets born in this cool lit­tle pad.

If you are look­ing to build one your­self, here’s a great resource that has all the info you need: You can also buy them, but I can’t guar­an­tee that they will be fur­nished with all the right accou­trements need­ed for the sur­vival of the barn owl pair and owlets.

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